How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

New customers often ask us, How often should I have my windows cleaned? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this!

With our commercial customers, particularly those with retail shop fronts or cafes, we remind them that a bright, clean and tidy shop front is inviting to customers and set an instant good impression. There’s nothing worse than peering into the windows of a store at some beautiful products only to have to look through dirt, dust, debris and weeks’ worth other peoples fingerprints! Depending on foot traffic and proximity to any construction or roads/public transport we recommend a frequency of between every week to every month. We are happy to talk through your window cleaning needs for your business and create a cleaning schedule for you.

For our residential customers it really is personal preference. We have some customers who like to have their windows cleaned inside and out every three months, and some customers who leave it for years! Again things like proximity to construction or a busy road can kick up a lot of dirt on to your windows, so these are factors to consider. Generally we find that the majority of customers will need their external windows cleaning every six months and the internals every 12 months. We are happy to discuss your needs and our window cleaning services with you, so give us a call or email!