Airborne dust particles, sticky tree and plant sap, lichen, soot and bird droppings are just a few of the things that can contribute to a build-up of dirt on your panels.
Accumulation creates shading and will prevent sunlight reaching the cells. This results in poor system performance, loss of efficiency and a loss of financial return for the owner and investor of solar energy.


My panels are self-cleaning and maintenance free This is a myth! When a panel is called “self-cleaning” & “maintenance free”, it tends to imply that the surface is hydrophobic; which means water beads cant adhere to the surface. Generally, these surfaces aren’t exactly “self-cleaning” & “maintenance free”. They do reduce mineral deposit that can block the sun reaching the cells, however, in a dusty environment a single solar cell within the panel can become inefficient & this will affect the performance of the rest of the cells within the panel. As they are wired in series, if one cell is shaded, then the output of the entire panel is lower as a result.
Rain alone isnt sufficient to guarantee solar panel is free from a build-up of dirt throughout one year, let alone the lifetime of the panels.


How Often?
Every solar array is unique and depending on different environmental factors and the pitch at which the panels are mounted, will then determine the frequency of each clean. We can tailor a cleaning regime that is specifically for you.

What equipment do you use use?

The system we use is 100% Pure Water System which leaves the Solar Panels spotless and streak-free, we use a specially designed Solar Brush that will not damage the panel surface, we do not use any chemicals that could hurt or damage the solar panels.

At Henderson & Co Window Cleaning we work with all types & sizes of commercial buildings. We use a variety of different methods and use the most up to date equipment, tools and chemicals to ensure we can service your business needs. When you need your windows professionally cleaned you can feel confident in the knowledge that Henderson & Co will do the job to the highest possible standard.